About Jade

I’m Jade (well, the title does say that doesn’t it?) I am a 26 year old mother, fiance, photographer, cheese eater, Grey’s Anatomy addict and horse woman from Lincolnshire. I’m very down to earth and bubbly and devote my life around my son, Chase, who was born in 2016, and is the light of my life.

I own 5 animal friends. I have to introduce them because they influence me a lot.
Guinness, hes our sprocker Spaniel, family dog and my shadow.
Siangie Ruby Mountain, she is pictured above. My arab x warmblood mare. She is my rock and very much ‘me’ in horse form. I could type a full essay about her and well, lets just say she’ll be mentioned quite a bit elsewhere.
Jack, he is my donkey friend, he is out on loan to a lovely family.
Mountain of Fire (Marshall), my traditional gypsy cob colt, we have a lot of plans for him as he gets older.
Last but not least, is Meredith & Derek. My axolotls.

About Mountain Photography

Mountain Photography is a business in which we ‘Capture the Moment and Create the Memories’. Capturing all aspects, focusing on Equine, Pet and Portrait.

I started Mountain Photography in August 2017. The idea came about one day when I was actually using my iPhone to take photos of my dog jumping into the river. I still have the photo which made my mind up actually.

Since loosing my pony Sy in August 2016 to Equine Grass Sickness I had a huge empty space inside me, I had given up horses professionally, sold and loaned out all mine but one, Ruby and that was that. I’ve always loved photography, taking photos and whatnot, and my fiancé said ‘buy a camera and learn photography.’ So I did. It helped fill the empty space, gave me something to get excited about again, so I started Mountain Photography.

I chose the name Mountain because Ruby’s name is Siangie Ruby Mountain, and #teammountain was my equestrian team name, so it also meant, if I found the heart to train horses professionally again I could link the two together.