I’m Jade Greenfield – also known as The Equine Tog. I am a professional photographer specialising within the pet and equine industry. My expertise within the equine industry, my love for all animals (apart from the 8 legged ones) and my added passion within my business makes me the perfect person to capture images and videos you or your business needs.

Since a young teenager I have been obsessed with taking photos and making videos for YouTube, and making composites. Even now, my friends ask me to put the camera or phone down as I am photographing EVERYTHING. Besides, if I didn’t capture everything, they’d wish I did. 

Back in 2016 I lost my beloved pony to Equine Grass Sickness, and one thing I never did with her, was have a professional photoshoot, and yes I do regret it, massively, that was when I wanted to turn my hobby in to my passion, give people the chance to have a photoshoot like I didn’t have. I have regular ones with my own current horses, so I practice what I preach. 

If I am not behind the camera or editing, I will be with my family, walking my dog (he is more like a sidekick) or down the stables with my lovely herd of horses.