Hey everyone, firstly I am going to introduce that gorgeous female in the photo (taken by Flisher Photographer). I’m on about the horse, not myself the handler. The horse in the photo is Ruby, the reason behind the name of the business. Before you think, how did I get from Ruby to Mountain, her official name is Siange Ruby Mountain. There we have it, a bit of rambling about the name of the business.


Now onto the other stuff.


I’m Jade, a horse obsessive, unicorn fantasiser, Greys Anatomy addict, cheese eating, animal loving human of the female gender. Mother to a beautiful little boy and owner to an amazing spaniel – Guinness (although he is known more commonly as Pig). Having experience with most animals, especially horses, I can not only capture your moments, but i can help you get the best of your pets on the day.


If you’ve made it through all this rambling, gold star for you. Now onto he next page for the more interesting stuff.


– Jade