Equine Diversity was founded by Kerrie Rycroft and Jade Greenfield, a campaign to raise awareness to the diversity within the equine community. 

How many black people do you see in equestrian magazines, catalogues, on advertising media for equine businesses, on feed packaging? Not many if there is any at all, we are yet to find one.

Kerrie is a mum of 4 black children. She has experienced racism first hand, below is the post that started the idea for this campaign. Jade is an equine photographer and horse trainer whom had the idea to produce a series of images with black people, including Trinity, Kerrie’s 13 year old daughter who is a very keen and talented equestrian.

Help us make a change, lets see black people and the diversity published in magazines, in catalogues, used for marketing materials. 

To help with the diversity we are going to showcase a series of images using black people, with horses, competing, do everyday life with them. If you would like to add some diversity in your marketing, we have models, riders and a photographer whom is willing to help.

Can you help? Send us your stories. or information if you’d like to get involved to jade@mountain-photography.co.uk