Are you insured?

Yes I have public indemnity, public liability and I am also insured within the equine sector for public liability. 


What happens if it rains?  

 We can either, postpone and re arrange, or the rain causes some awesome pictures


My horse never puts his ears forward, what can I do?   

Don’t worry – I have tips and tricks which almost never fail.


My dog runs off so can’t be let off the lead, what can I do?   

Don’t worry – we edit out any leads. .


How should I prepare for my photoshoot?  

Prior to your shoot, If you have any queries I will send you a link to my ‘what to expect’ page, you can you find it on the ‘Pet and Equine’ page.


Can my family come along to watch?   

Most definitely! This photoshoot is to create memories for you.