Hi, I’m the Equine Tog, Jade Greenfield (pictured above, taken by my talented friend Flisher Photography). It’s nice to meet you!

I’m known for my training and understanding horses talents, as well as my photography skills. I love a nice story and nothing tells a story better than your relationship with your horse.

Making memories is something we horse people do every day, from getting dressed up and neat for a day out showing to those times when you catch your horse asleep in his field and he lets you go and snuggle him, have you ever had a moment with your horse that you wish you could go back too?

This is where I come in.

In 2016 I suddenly lost the pony who made me who I am today, and in the middle of my grief it occurred to me, I NEVER had professional images taken. That is something I regret massively, I would love to have had some gorgeous photos to look back over.

Since then my love for photography became more than just pictures, it became the perfect way to capture those memories. I developed a passion for capturing what we cannot get back. I also practice what I preach and often have photos taken of me and my equine friends, I love a good photo as much as the next person and it’s great for my business.

So that’s me, I would love to help you create your perfect memories in picture form – and no I don’t JUST take photos of horses. However if you’ve always wanted a shoot in a forest with your horse with you in a beautiful dress, or pictures of you jumping in your field, or you riding bareback on the beach then I can help make your dreams come true.

Let’s talk and plan your perfect shoot.